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Did you know you have a secondary wealth area?

Feng Shui Masters in the old days and even today hold many secrets and the below information is very closely held and normally only passed onto their students on their death bed, hundreds of thousands of pounds are normally passed over to gain these secrets before hand.

In period 7 which we are in at the moment we have a secondary wealth area that can be activated with water real or virtual. 

This form of water placement is all part of the He Tu number combinations (1-6. 2-7, 3-8, 4-9,) which I will cover in a separate newsletter, in fact there are many ways to activate wealth with water including 5 Ghosts carry money, Castle gate method, Ling Shen, Later Heaven Gua, Pa Sha, Wang Chen and Zhou Shen to name a few, these are all very powerful ways of activating wealth and some of them I will cover at a later stage.

Up until January 2004 when we enter a new 20-year period you can activate the south-west of your land with a water feature outside. It must be outside and not inside so sorry to anyone who is unable to place water outside although you can use virtual water in the way of a road outside the south-west or lower ground or an open area like a field (lower ground than the property) or playing ground. So if you have a patio table set here move it elsewhere and see if that creates enough open area to activate it. Activating with water can bring unexpected wealth. The reason you do not place water inside your home is because it will affect your flying stars especially this year as we have a 3 wood and water feeds wood, if however you know your flying star or you have had a consultation and the water star is supported by water then you can use it inside. Water in the SW for a business will bring in new customers; the same applies though it must be outside.

If you plan to install a pond or fountain in the SW please bear in mind that it is only good until January 2004 and will have to be moved again. Also remember the flow of water must be clean flowing and face towards the home or office. If it has a central spout where the water comes out of this is OK, if it has a spout that flows out the side this is where you need to make sure the flow points towards the building, I hope that makes sense. The fountain can be made of any material so you do not have to spend a fortune; I have seen some inexpensive outdoors fountains in garden centres.

You can also place (inside building) a red Shou Shan stone three legged Toad here as this will not only reinforce this wealth area but the red colour will weaken the bad visiting 3 wood. Please do not use a metal one and remember to move him next year. We will keep you updated at the end of year for 2004 secondary wealth area.

If you have been consulted by a Practitioner she or he may not advise this because they will know the other stars in this area and how it will affect the relationship so please follow their advice obviously they also may not know this little known secret.

"I am glad that I paid so little attention to good advice; had I abided by it I might have been saved from some of my most valuable mistakes."


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